Email sent to all clubs on 9th July 2021 confirming the season 2021 is cancelled

By Brian Mackay

season 2021 cancelled

Email sent to all clubs on 9th July 2021 confirming the season 2021 is cancelled

"Good evening all,

To date, we have held several meetings regarding the above and all Clubs are still not ready despite the requirement to have all the risk assessments etc in place prior to the start of training/match play on 17th May.

We, as a Committee, had a meeting yesterday as we approach the end of an agreed two-week delay to the start of our proposed short competition and have decided that the sensible thing to do is cancel all competitive football for this year. There are several reasons behind that decision:

1 Lack of compliance to the protocols put in place by Sportscotland/SFA.

2 Lack of toilets, showers, changing facilities particularly for visiting teams.

3 Lack of daylight towards the end of August.

4 Managing potential public participation.

We appreciate there are several Clubs desperate to play football even under the strict protocols and are happy for them to proceed on a ‘friendly’ basis which they can arrange between themselves provided the Secretary is kept aware of when/where this will happen just to be Constitutional. This approach will allow Clubs who are comfortable playing, to play as much football as they want while removing the pressure on Clubs who are cautious in the current climate to play regular organised football. This approach also removes the hassle of compliance with the Constitution which might involve re-arranging matches for whatever reason or involving a discipline procedure for non-fulfilment of fixtures etc.

Whatever you decide to do please do it safely and in compliance with the protocols in place at the time and let’s hope we get a clear run at next season.


Andrew Lannon

CAFA Secretary"

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